“I went through a Krav Maga level 1 instructor course put on by the United States Krav Maga Association and then started teaching a small class in my garage one night a week.  I followed the USKMA business outline to the letter.  In a year and a half my garage operation turned into a full time gym with over 140 adult members in a 4,100 square foot facility.  I am extremely thankful to have stumbled across Mark Slane and his excellent organization.  The USKMA actually cares about their affiliates and is always ready to answer questions.  Becoming an affiliate of the USKMA has truly been an awesome experience as well as a financially sound decision!  You should give them a try, you will not be disappointed!”

Robert Harley
Alaska Krav Maga & Fitness, LLC

“Mark Slane has the blueprint for running a successful Krav Maga gym, and his team of professional instructors expertly execute that plan. I have been training in various martial arts for over thirty years and teaching fellow police officers to survive on the streets for the past seven years. I know from experience that finding instructors who bring the ‘total package’ is rare. Mark and his instructors are not only expert Krav Maga practitioners, but they are capable of effectively translating their knowledge into great results for their students.

My gym, Force 3 Krav Maga and Fitness recruited more students in one week after incorporating Mark’s marketing strategies than we had in the previous three months. Our mission is to create a safer society through education and training, and we are far more capable of getting that training out to good people thanks to Mark’s strategies and methods. If you are interested in incorporating Krav Maga into your gym or starting a Krav Gym, it would be a mistake not to consult Mark Slane. John, Aaron and the others at USKMA are great people who are passionate about Krav Maga and the positive impact it can have on people’s lives. Follow the leaders folks!”

– Brannon Hicks, SWAT ATL, Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Instructor
Force 3 Krav Maga and Fitness, St. Johns, FL

“The grandson of German, Hungarian, and Polish Jews who escaped the Nazis, Krav Maga is in my blood. Now that I am 43 years old, Mark Slane has not only trained me at his top rated instructor certification courses in the most battle tested self defense techniques in the world but also taught me how to develop a business that is only profitable.

In less then a year I have established two locations to teach out of in my community and will be expanding after my students get their instructor certifications this summer.

A proven system, the USKMA has only been a blessing to my family and I, our community and our nation as a whole.”

– Gabe Cohen, Level 3 Instructor, Glenwood, Colorado

“I have trained in Martial Arts most of my adult life, earning multiple Black Belts in traditional arts. Throughout my time as a Martial Artist and while serving as a Federal law Enforcement Officer and as a United States Marine Corps Officer I have had the opportunity to train in many martial arts and self defense programs. To say that I was greatly impressed with the staff of USKMA would be an understatement. They have taken what we are all looking for in self defense and have put it in an easy to understand and logical format. The curriculum and staff will challenge you while maintaining a safe and friendly atmosphere.

Be prepared to sweat, learn sound defense and be safer upon leaving their gym. The atmosphere created at USKMA is one of encouragement to anyone who is interested in learning self defense, regardless of your age or ability. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about learning true self defense.”

– Maj. Paul Oppedisano

“My name is Mark Howard, and I have been associated with the martial arts for over 30 years. I currently own two martial arts studios in Tucson, Az., both of which utilize a significant amount of Krav Maga in the training of our students. I ‘discovered’ Mark’s presence on the internet by accident. However, the more I read about his approach to teaching Krav Maga, the more intrigued I became. I discovered an individual who also believes it isn’t necessary to ‘break’ your Krav student to teach them properly…that it is possible, and probably better learning, to have fun while grasping Krav…and that anyone can be labeled an ‘instructor,’ but it takes real talent to be a ‘teacher!’ The next evolution is for a ‘teacher’ to then ‘teach the teachers.’ That’s when I asked Mr. Slane to travel to Tucson and teach a small cadre of potential teachers to help me with the Krav Maga at my studios. Mr. Slane leaped at the opportunity to groom a new group of teachers for me!

Utilizing an incredible blend of innate teaching ability and sense of humor, coupled with the old 2×4 to the side of the head when appropriate, Mark turned a group of six highly motivated Krav students into the next generation of Krav teachers in Tucson! Teaching with high energy, expertise, and intensity, Mark quickly earned the respect of every student and, with the exception of a few bruises here and there, completed five days of training with NO injuries and were totally exhausted!

The debriefing for each student was immediate and the most thorough I have ever experienced in the martial arts community. In fact, he reminded me of my days as a ‘Topgun’ instructor…he was that thorough and unrelenting in his pursuit of producing the highest quality Teachers! No physical abuse, no mental games…just pure and simple raising the bar to an entirely new level! It was a pleasure to watch my students grow so much in such a short period of time under Mr. Slane’s superb guidance.

I am already planning on Mr. Slane coming back to Tucson in the Spring to enjoy the fine weather and repeat his ‘magic’ with my students yet again! They can’t wait, and neither can I!”

– LtCol (ret) Mark R. Howard, MBA

“As an International Private Military Contractor working in hostile environments abroad, I wholeheartedly believe in the effectiveness and practicality of Krav Maga. I have trained in Krav Maga in both the conventional class setting in the US as well as with various international military Special Forces/Counter-Terrorism Units while deployed overseas.

I believe the Level 1 Instructor Course I completed at US Krav Maga Association to be, without question, some of the absolute best Krav Maga training I have ever received. The course syllabus was extremely well organized in taking us thru the L1 combatives & self-defense movements in repetitive detailed breakdown . This not only ensured our flawless performance of the techniques but also, that we had a well-grounded comprehension of each and every movement in order to effectively impart our knowledge to others while teaching them. Thru mock teaching exercises, our ability to instruct others was continually assessed and critiqued by the higher level OKM course organizers who provided critical feedback to bring us to the highest level of perfection. Special emphasis was not only given on how to organize and run a successful Krav Maga class but also, how to monitor the varied individual student performance levels so as to optimize their empowerment and invaluable self-defense capabilities that Krav Maga brings to their life. The staff was phenomenal in their support and eagerness to share their teaching experiences and instructional methods all while inspiring us to reach our highest potential in becoming USKMA certified L1 Instructors.

Again, this was the best Krav Maga training I have ever received and as a result, have not only enhanced my Krav Maga skills but perhaps more importantly, I have personally grown from the experience. Therefore, and without any reservation whatsoever, I recommend US Krav Maga Association’s KM L1 Instructor Course to anyone who desires to expand their current training regime and/or also for their personal enrichment.”

– Wm. Scott King, Jackson, Ohio

“I am running your system to the tee and I’m 130 members in less than a year, and that is starting from 0 and in a city where I knew no one.” 

– Juan Acosta, Ft. Myers FL

“Great program. I supplement our already dominant martial arts programs by offering to those who are only looking for a great work out and self defense.

Great Job!”

– Steve Seyerle
Director of Operations
Asian Sun Martial Arts

“I have traveled around a lot ,, and trained with some of the top trainers … We were truly blessed to find a great instructor ,, my group truly enjoyed all the training .. I feel it was the best program we have ever had presented to us ,,,it was the real deal and we were very honored to have you down and look forward to a great training future ahead thank you again”

– Alex Azar, Longview Martial Arts

“I would like to thank you once again for the great training I received during the Krav Maga instructors course at The USKMA in Columbus Ohio on Oct.5-10. I was a little nervous attending the course by myself, but [everyone] made me feel very welcome. The staff at Ohio Krav Maga and Fitness offered rides back to my hotel and was always making sure I was doing ok. I have attended other courses in the past but none compare to the training I received here. I look forward to returning to Ohio for level 2 instructors course. Thank You so much for making me feel welcome.”

– Scott Kumm, Jacksonville, Florida

“As a resident assistant at a major university, I found it apparent that my girls needed to know how to defend themselves. I invited Mark and his staff to come and teach a class at my resident hall, and it was a great success. The girls loved it. After the class many of my residents could not wait for the next seminar and definitely felt more confident. Overall Mark and his team members lead a great class. I can not wait to work with Mark again in the future!”

– Rachel H.

The USKMA has had the privilege to serve the training needs of many Law Enforcement and First Responder Organizations. Here’s a little bit that they had to say about our amazing training programs.

“Level 1 was outstanding, and we are both looking forward to attaining our level 2 certification with your organization.You two are an outstanding teaching team. You both bring a good attitude and humility while keeping confident knowledge of the subject matter. The fact that you both have back grounds in ‘traditional’ arts as well as firsthand experience, brings a lot of insight to the course. Your structure is sound, and methods of instruction are outstanding.

Usually when I attend a course, I find a lot of ‘fluff.’ Useless bits of information, or ‘magic ninja’ moves that either can’t be simply instructed, or have no practical application outside of a movie set. Thankfully, there was nothing like that in your presentations, demonstrations, or application.

I look forward to attending more instructional courses with you again soon.”

– Robert Higgins, Lead weapons instructor
Lone Star Security

“I wanted to start by saying thank you for putting on such a great training. Previous defense courses left Peace Officers unsure of their abilities in an actual fight and in all truth actually left them mostly defenseless. I feel more confident on the streets now and have peace of mind thanks to your course. Your training was one of the most exhausting endeavors I have ever encountered however I feel now I have the ability to survive everyday and make it home to the most important person in my life. This class has sparked a change in both my mindset and lifestyle. I cant wait to host a training for the other officers in my department! I wonder how many civilian and peace officers you guys have saved with this exceptional training. SO HERE IS MY BIG AND HEART FILLED THANK YOU FROM BOTH ME AND MY FAMILY!”

– Undersheriff Griffin, K9 Unit/Swat Operator/Armorer/Patrol Division
Baca County Sheriff’s Office

“The Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Instructor Course put on by USKMA is top notch. You had better come prepared for some serious and extremely physical training! I have attended several DT Instructor courses and this is hands down the most exhausting because after a technique is taught, you then practice it in a stress induced environment, which means you will likely use it in the field because it truly becomes second nature. I highly recommend it to all those that are serious about teaching their recruits something both simple and effective for a street confrontation.”

– R.Harley
(Alaska Police Officer)

“I just completed the Level 1 Krav Maga Instructor class in Colorado. I have to say it was a very well designed, organized, and taught class. Mark and Brannon were very professional, informative, and knowledgeable. I have never gone to any kind of arrest control/defensive tactics instructor class. The only training in this area I have received in my law enforcement career, was the standard learned in the law enforcement academy I attended years ago. I look forward to taking everything I learned and teaching others in my profession and personal life as well. At the location where I work, I am in close proximity with thousands of individuals a day. This training will be extremely useful when a situation arises. I am glad to be part of the USKMA and am very happy I took the class. Thanks again!!!”

– Doug, Colorado LEO

“I am an operator on a full time SWAT team, and in my line of work, I have the opportunity to get hands on a lot. Krav Maga is a no nonsense self defense method that will get the job done quickly.”

– Shelby County, TN SWAT Officer

“The training that I received in Krav Maga now allows me to protect my family and myself better using more organized defense skills. This is an addition to the law enforcement training I have. THANKS, KRAV MAGA!!”

– Memphis, TN Police Officer

“I’ve been with United States Krav Maga Association for approximately three years. I’m one of few black belts with the USKMA. I’ve had experience in Commando KM, KM Worldwide and Krav Maga Global before finding a home with the USKMA. The customer service and Krav Maga with the USKMA is unmatched. I appreciate the fact there are no politics or egos in the USKMA. From the first training I attended, I have felt like a welcomed member of the family. USKMA Chief Instructor and Founder Mark Slane and Co-Lead Instructor Brannon Hicks are innovative leaders, who have a no nonsense approach to self defense training. Not only do they provide ideas to help grow our gyms, but they evolve our training to meet the demands of today’s society. These guys are constantly searching for ways to improve our system and to help grow our gyms. The USKMA conducts an Annual Affiliate Weekend which is free for all affiliates and their staff. During these affiliate weekends I’ve had the pleasure of training with two Olympic Gold Medalists! The USKMA is full of talented people from Olympic Gold Medalists, army rangers, police officers, MMA fighters to martial arts legends. It’s an honor for me to be able to say I am part of the USKMA family.”

– Danny Caudill
Caudill Krav Maga

“February is our one-year anniversary as a USKMA Affiliate. I am really excited about the future of CKMF and the USKMA. I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I appreciate you and the USKMA. We truly have a very friendly, customer-oriented Krav Maga association. A great network of people. I am so looking forward to growing with the USKMA and being a part of a truly great organization. Thank you for all you have done for us!”

– Danny Caudill – Kentucky State Police SGT