Law Enforcement Training


USKMA certifies Law Enforcement instructors in our Krav Maga for Law Enforcement curriculum, so that they may return to their agencies and teach the curriculum to their staff.

Krav Maga is the world’s most battle tested self-defense system, and it is very adaptable for law enforcement. Obviously, law enforcement officers are held to a higher standard concerning use of force, and may need to have different end games in mind compared to the average citizen protecting himself. Our training will cover the use of force and response to resistance from the law enforcement perspective, and we will cover articulating responses to resistance for reporting and testimony. As you know, every fight a law enforcement officer engages in should ideally end with a handcuffed suspect(s). Part of our adaptation for law enforcement includes arrest and control techniques created around our combatives and concepts. We believe that an officer properly trained can end violent encounters safely and quickly, and using such concepts, he/she can often gain control of suspects before they have a chance to violently resist.

The USKMA is a nationally recognized certifying body for Law Enforcement instructors. USKMA runs 40-hour instructor courses in both basic and advanced levels at our facilities in Jacksonville FL.  USKMA instructors are also available to teach at your facility. At the end of this course the graduates will be certified to teach other officers Handgun Disarms, Long Gun Disarms, Edged Weapon Defenses and Blunt Object Defenses as well as Fundamental & Dynamic Cuffing and Ground Fighting for Law Enforcement. The USKMA will then provide officers that your instructors teach nationally-recognized LE Krav Maga defensive tactics certificates.


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