About the USKMA. Hat Number 1We teach classes that people want to take. If you are teaching krav maga like a martial art, you are losing out on most adults.

Most adults are not looking for martial arts.  Most adults are running from martial arts.  Martial arts are looked at as a kid’s activity today.  Most adults don’t want the discipline, time it takes to get proficient, to wear those funny uniforms, to be treated like they are in the military or to bow to some 20 year old kid!

Where are the adults flocking to?  Planet Fitness,  Gold’s gym, etc.   They are looking for a workout and to lose weight.  As we tell our affiliates “If you ask 1,000 people in your area who wants to learn to get out of a choke maybe 40 people will raise their hand.  If you ask that some 1,000 people who wants to lose ten pounds…965 will raise their hands!!”. The way we teach our classes isn’t fluff or watered down.  We are teaching good krav maga in a way that adults love.  We go full bore, are constantly moving & hitting things and getting an awesome workout.  Adults are doing what they want (losing weight, looking good  and getting into shape) while learning a skill that could save their lives (and their families)!

BTW, this is how self defense should be taught.  Under the stress, chaos and adrenaline dump of a real world attack techniques degrade massively.  What saves people from a violent attack is going forward with rage and aggression to do maximum damage in minimum time!!  We teach this without being macho, acting like we are training Navy SEALS or being intimidating.  If you teach this way you are running off the people who need it the most…women.  We are teaching good self defense in a fun and non intimidation way.

About the USKMA. Hat Number 2The second thing that makes the USKMA different than most organizations is we show you how to run a business and make money!

Our system is the one we used in our gym to sign an average of 48 adults per month and grow to three locations with over 750 members.  We teach how to run classes that adults love and come back for, how to run intros, how to market (we actually take care of our affiliates social media marketing with four posts per week that they can use on their pages), how to run tests, how to talk to prospective members, etc.  We have a system to get adults in your gym’s door and keep them coming back!

As an affiliate of the USKMA you receive unlimited coaching, social media marketing, curriculum and lesson plans for not only krav maga but as well as access to the affiliate page of USKMA.com.  On this page we include everything you need to run a krav maga program.  Videos on classes and intros, lesson plans, test forms, class waivers, all technique videos, drill videos, etc.

We also offer a “krav maga for martial art schools” program for the dojo that wants to add a fitness and/or self defense component to their curriculum.  Can also be used to add to their black belt requirements.