A recent nationwide report found that “Krav Maga” ranked third, behind only “Fitness Kickboxing” and “Martial Arts For Children”, in internet searches for martial arts or self defense. People are looking for good Krav Maga! Like most Krav Maga organizations we will teach you and your staff excellent real world self defense techniques. Krav Maga is easy to learn, easy to remember and extremely effective. Law enforcement and military groups throughout the world seek out Krav Maga because of its reputation as that of real-world, no-nonsense self defense. What separates the USKMA from other organizations is the business and marketing side. We will show you exactly how to use awesome marketing to get people in, lead awesome introductory lessons that will get people to join, and teach awesome classes that people want to keep coming back for! We will show you every aspect of how to run a Krav Maga gym…everything from how to answer the phone to providing you with social media copy to giving you class lesson plans with videos. We will share everything with you that we did in our Ohio gyms to go from start to over 700 members. The great thing about our marketing is that it is done with integrity. No used car salesman techniques!!

We start you out with our instructor training. Three or four days of intense classes in which you will learn the level 1 techniques, how to teach and how to run a Krav Maga gym including marketing, how to talk to customers, how to run an effective intro, how to run classes, etc. We do not bring you in to show you how tough we are, to flunk as many as possible or to let you leave at the end not knowing if you passed. We believe that Krav Maga is good for people and that it will keep them safe. Our goal is to teach others this system to spread it throughout the U.S.

We have done everything over the years for advertising and have come to realizing that social media is where it’s at right now. Over 1 billion people are on Facebook! We have teamed up with the social media gurus at Social Media Dogo who work with major companies to get them noticed! We will show you how to run ads, boost posts and (a USKMA exclusive) give you content to use on your social media platform several times per week. We will give you the official USKMA social media plan which we guarantee will get you page likes, and more people in the door! We also have the USKMA phone app available for free to our affiliates. Wherever you are pull up videos of all USKMA techniques, drills, teaching templates, test forms, staff meetings, etc. The student version of the app can also be a great teaching and retention tool to give to your students.  Yet another service for our affiliates is the recent hiring of Chuck Heacock as our sales trainer.  Chuck has been a leading fitness and krav maga gym sales guru for thirty five years and was trained by the legendary Jack Lalanne!  His training on getting prospective members into the gym and getting them signed is invaluable…another USKMA exclusive!

We schedule level one instructor trainings at gyms across the nation several times during the year, check “events” page of USKMA.com and “events” on our Facebook page for training dates. You will leave our instructor training with a great knowledge of all of our level one techniques as well as some level two and weapon disarms. Another option for affiliate training is for us to come to your gym to train and test your staff for the four days. The training is $1,960 ($1,460 for 3 day) plus airfare and hotel for 1 instructors. By the time we leave you and your staff will have our lesson plans for level 1 and know how to run classes, how to do intros, how to market, what to say on the phone, how to run a test, etc.

All of this for what you will get for two sign ups per year. That’s right, if you follow our system and sign two students in one year to a 12 month agreement we paid for ourselves. We can guarantee our system will help you sign many more than that! We will give monthly video staff meetings, drill of the month, technique of the month, marketing material, etc. and show how at our Ohio gym we were signing an average of 48 adults per month over a two year period. You will also be given access to the affiliate page of our web site and phone app. This site is your one stop shop for running a Krav Maga gym. On the site are videos on how to run intros, classes, tests and drills as well as lesson plans, how to write a press release, marketing material, ad photos and much, much more (see our list below).

We would love to include you in our upcoming training.

Here is a list of videos and forms on the affiliate section of our app to get your gym to it’s max potential followed by testimonials from a few of our affiliates:

Videos on the affiliate tab of the USKMA app include:

  • Our entire curriculum with new and up to date videos!
  • Staff meetings:
    • The system
    • Building a staff
    • Be a Productive owner!
    • Money; how much in, how much out?
    • What is self defense?
    • Running classes
    • Talking to and signing customers
    • Signing a member
    • How to answer Customer Questions
    • Don’t get sued!
    • Don’t trust your eyes
    • Be an expert
    • Be Prosperous
    • What to do about December
    • Dealing with employees
    • Extra money ideas
    • Different types of students
    • Active Shooter video
    • Talking to customers
    • Why do we teach the way we do?
    • Difficult customers
    • 24 hour gym
    • History of Krav Maga
    • Put someone In charge of marketing!
    • Summer ideas
    • Your marketing staff
    • New year plan
    • December plan
    • Starting a gym
    • Why isn’t my program growing?
    • Advertising
    • Customer service
    • Making money lecture
    • Our system/classes
    • I need a bigger building
    • Beating our competition
    • The USKMA way
    • Your web site & private lessons
    • Your welcome pack
    • affiliate questions answered
    • Extra money ideas
    • Pep talk
  • Social Media
    • The USKMA Facebook Plan
    • Andy’s Social Media lecture
    • Web sites
    • Social Media lecture
  • Running classes, intros, etc.
    • holding mitts
    • Boxing Fitness
    • Weapons of convenience
    • How to partner
    • Level 1 class
    • Level 1 class talk
    • intro
    • intro talk
    • Differences teaching lvl 1 and 2
    • Level 2 class
    • Developing an awesome staff
    • Running a test
  • Over 75 dill videos
  • 12 Sparring videos
  • Forms;
    • Levels 1 through 5 lesson plans
    • Level 1 comprehensive lesson plan
    • Level 1 through 5 test sheets
    • 70 Warm up ideas
    • Logos and ad art work
    • Class Template
    • Waivers
    • Non compete forms for employees
    • Systems manual
    • Weapons disarm seminars
    • Women’s self defense seminar
    • Active shooter seminar
    • Home invasion seminar
    • Car jacking seminar
    • curriculum
    • Cardio MMA plans
    • Advertising ideas
    • Student welcome pack
    • Writing a press release
    • Grand opening ideas
    • Intro to fight
    • and many more!


“I am running your system to the tee and I’m at 130 adult members in less than a year, and that is starting from 0 and in a not very large city where I knew no one.” – Juan Acosta, Ft. Myers FL

“I have traveled around a lot ,, and trained with some of the top trainers … We were truly blessed to find a great instructor .. my group truly enjoyed all the training .. I feel it was the best program we have ever had presented to us … it was the real deal and we were very honored to have you down and look forward to a great training future ahead thank you again” – Alex Azar, Longview Martial Arts

“February is our one-year anniversary as a USKMA Affiliate. I am really excited about the future of CKMF and the USKMA. I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I appreciate you and the USKMA. We truly have a very friendly, customer-oriented Krav Maga association. A great network of people. I am so looking forward to growing with the USKMA and being a part of a truly great organization. Thank you for all you have done for us!” -Danny Caudill Kentucky State Police Officer

“I have trained in Martial Arts most of my adult life, earning multiple Black Belts in traditional arts. Throughout my time as a Martial Artist and while serving as a Federal law Enforcement Officer and as a United States Marine Corps Officer I have had the opportunity to train in many martial arts and self defense programs. To say that I was greatly impressed with the staff of USKMA would be an understatement. They have taken what we are all looking for in self defense and have put it in an easy to understand and logical format. The curriculum and staff will challenge you while maintaining a safe and friendly atmosphere. Be prepared to sweat, learn sound defense and be safer upon leaving their gym. The atmosphere created at USKMA is one of encouragement to anyone who is interested in learning self defense, regardless of your age or ability. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about learning true self defense.” — Maj. Paul Oppedisano

“Mark Slane has the blueprint for running a succesful Krav Maga gym, and his team of professional instructors expertly execute that plan. I have been training in various martial arts for over thirty years and teaching fellow police officers to survive on the streets for the past seven years. I know from experience that finding instructors who bring the ‘total package’ is rare. Mark and his instructors are not only expert Krav Maga practitioners, but they are capable of effectively translating their knowledge into great results for their students.

My gym, Force 3 Krav Maga and Fitness recruited more students in one week after incorporating Mark’s marketing strategies than we had in the previous three months. Our mission is to create a safer society through education and training, and we are far more capable of getting that training out to good people thanks to Mark’s strategies and methods. If you are interested in incorporating Krav Maga into your gym or starting a Krav Gym, it would be a mistake not to consult Mark Slane. John, Aaron and the others at USKMA are great people who are passionate about Krav Maga and the positive impact it can have on people’s lives. Follow the leaders folks!” — Brannon Hicks, SWAT ATL, Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Instructor, Force 3 Krav Maga and Fitness, St. Johns, FL

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