On Mission

Mission Statement: United States Krav Maga Association

Our only reason for existence is to help people become healthier and safer. We will strive to spread Krav Maga throughout the United States by offering real world self defense training with superior customer service.

Our mission statement says it all. We believe in Krav Maga and how it can not only have a positive impact in our lives, but save lives as well. To further these goals the USKMA offers self defense seminars, law enforcement training, security training, and Instructor Certification.

Gym & School Owners: When was the last year that you signed over 500 adults? We did that last year at our Columbus, OH area gym!! We show you more than techniques…we are the only organization that teaches you how to run a business! You will learn how to do intros, marketing and run classes that can grow your gym to over 750 members like ours does. Our Instructor Certification and training is very customer service oriented. We won’t bring you in for Instructor Certification to show you how tough we are or to flunk as many instructor candidates as possible. We are teachers! Whether you wish to add Krav Maga to an existing martial arts school, fitness gym or start a Krav Maga gym from scratch, we are confident you’ll find that our affordable training will more than pay for itself.

The staff’s at USKMA affiliate gyms have been trained by the USKMA to offer you the most battle tested, scientific and effective self defense training possible.   Use the school locator to find the closest USKMA certified Krav Maga gym near you.